Quick Guide

  • Accept the Experience Key and wear the Amazon HUD (spirit) 
  • Keep things realistic.
  • Respect each other and behave like adults.
  • Follow the instructions of Gods,  Priests/Priestesses, and Guards.
Moderation, Roleplay and Roles
  • This is the Amazon River and Rainforest. The setting is modern day. The jungle is home to natives, settlers, wildlife and everyone in between!  Keep it real.
  • This is not a "shoot 'em up" sim - we encourage roleplay here in preference to simply shooting and downing.
  • The roles are explained here.  To get a 'Local' role find a Seeker and roleplay with them. Do not IM a seeker for a role or tag: roleplay.
  • Read the Blog for more information and background about the Amazon.
  • We do not moderate roleplay. We expect you to behave like adults and resolve matters sensibly amongst yourselves, in character (IC) or in IM (OOC) if necessary,
  • Some people visit the Amazon to enjoy the scenery, to take photos or to make machinima videos. We welcome them - please respect those who are here for the scenery rather than the roleplay.
  • Griefers, trolls and troublemakers will be dealt with swiftly OOC.
Capture Roleplay (CARP)
  • The Amazon HUD/spirit supports CARP.  It limits the number of shots you have, typically to 10.
  • Two hits will down most people. You can Bind them by clicking them when they are down. Roleplay it. Keep it real.
  • If you are 'downed' you cannot TP.  Play out the capture in roleplay realistically. Keep it real.
  • If you are killed you will be TP'd to another Amazon region and excluded from the region where you were killed for 1 hour.  All deaths must be reported and justified to the Gods by the attacker using the Mouthpiece of the Gods near the Wisdom Cave.
  • You can "buy" shots by trading found items for Amazon Coins at the Trading Tables. Amazon Coins are for roleplay only and have no value or exchange for Linden Dollars.
  • You can make shots (arrows or bullets) at the Ammo Workbench when it is available.
  • The Landing Zone is the only safe zone.
  • Use roleplay for attacks and captures.  This is not a 'pew-pew' sim. Keep it real.
  • Some players have better resistance to shots and more ammo than others (special roles)
Weapons, Vehicles and Avatar Dress/Appearance
  • The Amazon HUD/spirit will work with most weapons - melee and ranged. the number of effective shots you have is limited by the HUD/spirit (to 10 for most players) - use them wisely. Once your shots are exhausted your weapon will have no effect until you reload your ammo in the HUD/spirit.
  • Do not use magic huds, spells, orbs, pushers or other such devices. Only the  two Amazon Gods may use magic.
  • Use weapons that are appropriate to your role - i.e. no machine guns for natives. no nuclear missiles for explorers!
  • You are free to use vehicles that are appropriate for the setting. Luxury yachts and powerboats are not seen in the Amazon River.
  • Dress in a way that is appropriate to your role - natives dress as natives, explorers as explorers etc. Wearing high-heels, bling or facelights will likely get you arrested.
  • Whilst we welcome the diversity of SL at the Amazon we aim to keep the 'feel' realistic. Please use common sense in your choice of avatar.  Giant robots are not seen in the Amazon, nor is SpongeBob!
  • We welcome wildlife at the Amazon and have a role for animals. The wildlife role will be granted to animals that 'fit' the Amazon - this does not include anime bunnies and such like :-)

The Amazon HUD
  • You must wear the HUD/spirit while you are in the Amazon.
  • The HUD/spirit attaches silently above your head when you accept the Experience Permissions and, if you have visited before, when you walk into the jungle away from the Landing Zone.
  • The HUD/spirit does not appear in your inventory and will auto-detach when you leave the Amazon Regions.
  • You can click the HUD/spirit for a number of helpful functions - which are explained here
  • You can also select Human mode or Animal mode. Humans have limited jump height and cannot fly unaided.  Animals can jump and fly, but are limited to 40 characters of emote for each post.
  • You can select your 'condition' - green dot=non-combatant/yellow dot=full experience.
  • If you fail to eat regularly, you will 'faint'.
  • If you try to walk underwater you will drown.  The HUD/spirit will "rescue" you by TPing you to one of the Amazon River regions to recover.
  • Various items around the Amazon can be collected and traded for Amazon Coins at the Trading Tables, or used as roleplay aids with other visitors (they are transferable).
  • The Amazon Coin value of the items varies according to the number traded in a given time period.
  • Amazon Coins can be used as roleplay aids (they are transferable) or can be used to "buy" arrows or bullets for the HUD/spirit.
Supporters and Donations
  • The Amazon Regions cost a significant amount of RL cash to run and maintain. You can help the region thrive by making donations at the Landing Zone or at the donation points scattered over the regions (a silver bottle). Every donation, no matter how small, is appreciated.
  • You can help develop and extend the Amazon and make a home here by becoming a Supporter.
  • Supporters form the Amazon Council which helps develop the roleplay and acts as the "judges" for lawbreaking.
  • To become a Support, click a "free" board at the Supporter Panels at the Landing Zone, or, if none are free, add your name to the waiting list by clicking the 'waiting list' sign.

There are many quests in the Amazon - most of which give you a reward of some sort - for example: a bird to fly, a bow, melee weapons, necklaces, masks, drums and many other 'goodies' too numerous to mention.  Your HUD/spirit can help you find them!

Building Guidelines

Please observe the Building Guidelines which you can find here.


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